“now with the riots and the looting — though I don’t often discuss race or get political — I felt I had to write a “Black Owned Business” sign on Palmer’s Bar.”

Today’s vocabulary lesson:
Agent Provocateur: An infiltrator planted to seed chaos, start violence, or otherwise undermine and discredit a movement from the inside.
Violence: Causes physical or emotional injury and bodily harm to an individual.
Vandalism: Destroys or defaces property, causing economic harm to the owner.

Do: Stand in solidarity- Don’t allow violence in your community. Don’t be a bystander. Stand up for people when you witness injustice.
Don’t: allow agent provocateurs in your community or organization- Don’t let them undermine or discredit your protest. Don’t fall for it, and DON’T follow them.

Note: White people rising up and engaging in vandalism as protest- You will not be the ones to bear the brunt of the retaliation. Are your actions protecting the vulnerable or escalating a dangerous situation? If you are rising up in solidarity with people of color follow THEIR lead and respect THEIR calls to action.

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